Amanda strengths go well beyond her considerable skill and wide-ranging techniques. She is dedicated and passionate about working with you to reach both your long-term goals and the individual goals for each and every session. She will always ensure you are comfortable, relaxed and enjoying the time throughout your appointment.

Amanda has also impressed me with her dedication to continuous learning. From the first moment I met Amanda, she has been working to increase both the variety of her techniques and to unceasingly hone her skills. I look forward to every session and leave each appointment knowing that it is one of the most worthwhile things I do for myself every month.
— Aaron, client since December 2016

Lomilomi is not your typical massage technique. This soothing massage style was relaxing for both my mind and my body and I cannot wait to get another one! Not only did Amanda relieve my muscle tension with her fluid and polished technique, but she also made me feel very comfortable in her presence. The energy in the room was fantastic, and I could feel Amanda harnessing that energy to take away my stress.
— Annie, client since february 2017