Relaxation & Stress Reduction Massage

60 MINUTES $75 • 75 MINUTES $85 • 90 MINUTES $100

A mainstream western massage, typical of spas for the purpose of stress reduction, and mental and physical relaxation. In my practice, relaxation massage uses Swedish techniques (gliding, kneading, lifting and compressing) as well as trigger point and myofascial release techniques to release muscular tension, improve sleep, and increase body awareness.


Sports & Remedial Massage

60 MINUTES $75 • 75 MINUTES $90 • 90 MINUTES $105

Customized massage session taking into account sport and training specific factors, body mechanics, mobility, rehabilitation from injury, athletic goals, and fitness performance to create a massage experience that will improve flexibility, reduce adhesions and inflammation, increase body-mind connection to facilitate athletic performance. Using a combination of myofascial bodywork, deep tissue massage techniques, Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) to help you achieve your goals.


Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage

60 MINUTES $85 • 75 MINUTES $100

A traditional polynesian style of massage and bodywork, practiced for its physical, energetic, and emotional healing properties for centuries in island culture. In my practice, lomilomi massage utilizies rhythmic, flowing strokes, and rocking motions that can feel like ocean waves breaking over the body, bringing a sense of deep tranquility and harmony.


Mind:Body Massage

60 MINUTES $75 • 90 MINUTES $100

This is a 50:50 massage, where 50 % of the time is spent on areas your feel need specific work to increase performance and function or a treat a specific issue, while the other 50% is spent on relaxation massage. The best of both worlds.


Sports Performance Massage

90 MINUTES $120

Deep Tissue massage, combined with Myofascial Release bodywork, Active Isolated Stretching, and Neuromuscular Facilitation. You will also receive 1 Rock Tape application to continue minimizing pain and encouraging proper movement and form after our session.  Only available in 90+ minute sessions.


RockTape Application


Specialized taping for pain relief, swelling, athletic performance, and postural cueing. Decrease tone in chronically tight muscles, and increase activation where you need more strength or stamina. RockTape acts on the same pathways that massage does to reduce pain - but you wear it 24/7 for up to 5 days! Read more about the Science of Pain.


Corporate Massage


Increase productivity, cognitive performance, and problem solving ability, while reducing stress! Hire me to for corporate massage at your place of work, and I will provide 10-15 minute clothed table massages for up to 4 hours! I'll bring everything I need to create a relaxing respite for your hard workers, including sumptuous hand lotion, flameless candles, and mood music. 


Pre & Post-Natal House Call

60 MINUTES $110 

Pamper the mum or mum to be in your life with the luxury of an in home massage. It can be hard to find time to take care of yourself as a new mum, and sometimes you just don't want to leave baby long enough to shower, let alone to get some TLC like a massage. Surprise a lovely lady in your life with this massage in the comfort of her home, and let me worry about the details. I'll bring everything I need to set a serene, lush scene for a massage of her choice. Flameless candles, essential oils, wireless speaker for the music of her choice, and a massage she'll never forget.  ***This massage can be received as soon as a few days after birth, and is tailored to the special needs of a new mum, with positioning for comfort an absolute priority. 

Pediatric Massage

30 MINUTES $20 • 45 MINUTES $35  

For the kiddo in your life, massage is a great way to help them build body positivity and awareness, and even increase their ability to concentrate! For children, this safe, nurturing massage is through the clothes, with lotion (kids choice) on hands and feet. Parents will remain in the room the whole time. Music of the child's choice may make them more comfortable, and if your child is interested I will tell a "massage story" where the movements of my hands match parts of the story I'm telling (for example: raindrops, walking up stairs, rainbows, and more).



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