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My name is Amanda, welcome to my massage practice.  Whether you’re just looking for a little TLC for your hard working body, or you’re interested in holistic bodywork to nurture your mind, body, and soul, I’m glad you’re here! Below, you can learn a little more about the styles of massage I practice, and find the right one for you. 

Stress Reduction & Relaxation Massag

Mainstream spa massage for stress reduction and mental and physical relaxation. Release muscular tension, improve sleep and posture, and increase body awareness. Calm and rejevenate your mind and body.

Sports & Remedial Massage

Dynamic, targeted massage for athletes and people with specific acute muscle issues. Release fascial restrictions, reduce chronic tension, improve alignment and mobility. Tailored to your goals and sport. 

Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage

Traditional style of massage with rhythmic, flowing strokes, and rocking motions. This unique massage feels like ocean waves breaking over the body, bringing a sense of deep tranquility and harmony.


Take your self-care to the

Next Level

In this busy world we live in, it's hard to find time to catch your breath. If you're feeling rundown, or anxious, or having trouble sleeping, come on in for a massage and let me take care of you for a change.

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Work harder

Recover Smarter

The best athletes in the world utilize massage as an important part of their training. They understand the importance of working through mobility issues, building their proprioception (mind-body connection), reducing the negative effects of their training, enhancing their psychological performance, and preventing overuse injuries before they happen. Why should you be any different?


Massage Like No Other

Based on traditional polynesian massage passed down through generations, LomiLomi embodies connection with the deep spirit, the physical body, and the waking mind, transporting the receiver, and providing relaxation like you've never had before. 

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A Toolbox of Techniqes

When it comes to massage, literally every human body is different. The way your body reacts to massage may be different than what you expect, which is why I have a toolbox of massage techniques to draw from, to effectively and successfully treat you. Your likes and dislikes, specific needs, potential modifications, and your goals are taken into account in each and every session. Click through on the side to see a few select modalities, or check out the full list by clicking the button below.